Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Avid Shoppers Behind xoxo.chic

xoxo.chic is the baby and brainchild of three best mates with a penchant for over-shopping, over-giggling and over-frequenting mamak joints; with keen eyes for styles, trends, colours and textures. They have been giggling and shopping together since 11 years ago... and counting!

This shoplog started up while they were finishing up their final year in universities and continues to be a pure passion even as they enter the corporate rat race.

They adore Ipanema flip-flops, public holidays, fierce high-heels, earrings, husky male singing voices and delectable to-die-for Ms. Read chocolate cake. Together, they brave the scorching sun and heavy tropical rain to scour the shops for the best deals and chicest pieces for xoxo.chic.

Our first ever offline presence at the 3K Bazaar in March, 2009.

The three of them are located in the food haven of SS2 PJ and can be contacted at


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