Saturday, May 17, 2008

How to Order? I Want!

1. First of all, make sure you really really want that piece. ;)

2. We believe in, and want to provide all you dear customers with a happy shopping experience. Hence, it is advised that you read our terms and conditions before proceeding and/or drop us any enquiries you have regarding an item(s).

3. Ready? Great! You're all ready to send in your order form now!

Send us an email at with the following order form:

Contact No.:
Item Name:
Size: if any


Due to the changes in our schedules, xoxo.chic are now only available for COD at SS2 in Petaling Jaya during Mon - Fri nights and Sat - Sun (all day).

We will try our very best to accommodate COD requests within these times, but please bear in mind these availabilities listed are subject to our working hours. Rest assured, we will try our best to make sure you get your items as soon as we can.

However, if you would like things to be more convenient, we do recommend you opt for postage :)


If you select postage, do also include your mailing address! We will then email you back with confirmation and our banking details. We do our online banking with Maybank.

Shipping will be done every Saturday.

4. Confirmation of the availability of the item will be done through SMS/email within 2 days.

5. And that's it! Once we have received payment, or made a COD appointment, you will be the proud new owner of that item you've had your eye on!

Happy shopping, ladies!


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