Monday, October 20, 2008



It's that time of the year again when everything resembling a social life gets put on hold (and unfortunately this also means fun side projects like xoxo.chic, boo) and academia tries to take a front seat. Key word being try, of course, but oh well, that's another story all together. :(

But, we digress. To of course keep you, our lovely customers, accompanied during this month while we're away dealing with final exams and final year theses, is of course a special offer!

Free postage, on any item of your choice off this site from now till Friday the 7th of November, 2008.

Now to take advantage of this hassle-free option of purchasing your clothes while we're away - it's really simple! All you have to do is click on this link, help your Xash, your sister in shopping from Diary of an E-Shopaholic out with this survey which won't even take more than 5 mins. At the end of the survey, there'll be a password - simply give us that and voila, instant free postage! :)

Till then, be safe, all the best if you too are facing exams like we are and stay tuned for more pretty lady must-haves from us in about a month's time!

Heaps and heaps of love,

Saturday, October 4, 2008



This tube-topped, cocktail dress is definitely one of the pretty gems around, even if we do say so ourselves. Smooth to the touch, thick and top quality, the material used even boasts of beautiful pinstripe-like detailing which glimmer as the light catches it from multiple angles. Plus, the elastic at the bust is strong and tight enough so you'll be able to mingle around like a social butterfly without having to reach down and pull it up every ten seconds or so! Coming in three equally stunning colours, we adore the black for its simplicity and absolutely love the gorgeous demure colours of white and cream.

Price: RM45 RM40 (inclusive of waist clincher of the same colour as pictured above)
Colours: Black SOLD, White SOLD, Cream SOLD
Status: SOLD OUT!
Size: Free Size (fits UK4 - UK8)
Measurements: 75cm length, lain flat


Vested Interest


Price: RM 34
Colours: Pale Brown SOLD, Black SOLD
Status: SOLD OUT
Size: Free Size (fits UK6-UK10)

This is definitely one of those one-of-a-kind pieces. Vests we've seen a-plenty over our time as fashion lovers, but nothing like this one yet with its straps. Easily brightening up a simple white top as shown above, or any other basic outfit for that matter, this special piece here comes with two rows of buttons down the front and the back. Plus, the material is light, so no worries of melting under our sweltering Malaysian heat!

Note when buying: The black however, doesn't have the two buttons at the top right before the straps that the pale brown has :)


Picnic Plaid


(pictured here with Weaved Waist, also for sale at only RM25 -- scroll down to see more after this post!)

Plaid and checkers are just everywhere right now; on the runway, over the magazines, and even on our favourite tv shows we follow religiously every week (We even spotted lil' cute-as-a-button Jamie Scott wearing a plaid shirt on One Tree Hill, hee!) and we can't say that there could have been a better time for us to stumble upon this cute checkered top here. This splash of colours will be perfect for a weekend out after a long week in dull-coloured corporate wear or after being bundled up in thick cardigans all week long in classes. And well, you really can't go wrong with a simple babydoll cut as basic as this one. Perfect with shorts or skinnies, we say!

Price: RM 36
Colours: Light Yellow ALL SOLD, Violet ALL SOLD, Cyan Blue ALL SOLD
Status: SOLD OUT
Size: Free Size (fits UK4-UK10, but not so recommended for those of you who are very blessed with assets ;))


Weaved Waist


(worn here with Picnic Plaid, also for sale at RM36 -- scroll up!)

Again, there's been multitudes of black waist clinchers floating around, but what caught our eye with this one was that the elastic stretchable part of the clincher was actually made of several elastic pieces that were weaved. Immediately, we thought of bringing it back to share with you girls because we've never come across anything like this here before. We also love the roundish buckle at the front which adds a bold fashion statement to any outfit you have. Definitely a steal!

Price: RM 25
Colour: Only Black
Status: SOLD OUT
Size: Free size
Measurement: 91cm lain flat non-stretched


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Raya!

All of us at xoxo.chic would like to wish all of you out there a very fabulous Hari Raya! And for all of you not joining in the festivities, have a great much-deserved break away from school/work :)

Scroll down for more goodies, brought in specially in conjunction with Raya!

Till then, heaps of love; drive safe and be safe,

p/s: One of our xoxo.chic sisters has re-joined the other two with classes (and assignments and exams, yuck) and hence, the Kolej Bandar Utama (KBU)/Centrepoint COD spot will be now open (subject to class timetables) and the Kelana Jaya one closed. :)

Check, Checkmate.


Chequers have taken the Malaysian fashion world by storm of late, and we have been no exception. We haven't seen so many squares since our younger days of board games. There's just something very chic (ooh, and Burberry-like, might we add) about checks on boyfriend shirts. This one here comes with black buttons and two breast-pockets which further adds to its checked charm. Wear this one here with sleeves rolled up for a feminine touch and tie the ends up to show a bit of skin, or wear it loosely with only a waist belt for shape. Shorts or jeans, you pick. :)

Price: RM 42 (inclusive of thin dark brown belt)
Colours: White SOLD, Lilac SOLD, Moss Green SOLD, Sandy Brown SOLD, Ocean Blue SOLD
Status: SOLD OUT
Size: Free Size (fits UK4 - UK12)




Have a ball or corporate dinner to attend at the end of this year, but keep on putting off looking because scouring malls for dinner dresses just isn't the easiest thing to do? Well look no further, we say. When we saw this on a mannequin at our suppliers, we loved how the slinky material hugged the right curves and fell to its hem nicely. The unique neckline, embedded with sequins and shiny beads, further added to the love at first sight. All three colours are classy, elegant; and all you have to do is top them off with a pair of nice earrings and perhaps some strappy heels and you'll be all set. Even if you don't have any occasion for it, this would make a great gift as well! :)

Price: RM 49
Colours: Black SOLD, White SOLD, Purple SOLD
Status: SOLD OUT
Size: Free Size (Fits UK6 - smaller UK12)

Sunday Morning


(Worn with Vintage Hipster belt, also being sold for RM35 - scroll down to the next post to see it!)

Easy, breezy and oh-so comfy, this blouse is perfect for one of those late Sunday morning brunches at a cafe. Great for daytime wear, especially with its striking stripework! Wear it straight across both shoulders or let it casually slip past one shoulder. Would go perfectly with any pair of your shorts or a pair of dark skinnies, we think. Psst, if you're a petite sister in shopping, this will be perfect as a dress too!

Price: RM 48
Colours: Zebra Stripes SOLD, Greyscale SOLD, Mustard Yellow SOLD
Status: SOLD OUT
Size: Free size (fits UK6 - UK12)